Saturday, March 2, 2013

snail mail....

i love writing letters, good ol' fashioned letters.  i love a good pen, pretty and cute stationary and especially the envelope!  to decorate the envelope is like sending a hug!  thinking about the person opening their mail box to an envelope covered in stickers and doodles is just so fun!  and then to receive one, oh my!  it's an instant smile!

even with email and facebook and all of today's easy-to-communicate-quickly devices, a few of my college roommates and i still write letters, albeit less frequently, with lots of doodles and stickers and love!

well, if you are a letter writer and art lover, i have the blog, shop and site for you! snail mail magazine is all about the art and love of writing letters!  I found Anke van der Meer on instagram (go figure, i know!) and i think her stuff is just adorable!
though i cannot read her blog due to it being in Dutch, i love the photos!  i follow  snail mail magazine on instagram daily and also found snail mail on facebook but more so, check out her etsy shop!  oh my cuteness!!  snail mail etsy shop  my favorite item, if i have to choose just one, is this snail mail magazine:
Anke describes the magazine in her etsy shop:
"A magazine filled with fun facts about snailmail, freebies (writing paper, fake-stamps, address labels, etc.) you can use for your own mail and lots of inspiration for the goodies you add in your package! 30 pages with various fun, but also useful tips, websites and frequently asked questions (answered). And as an added bonus, if you buy the magazine, you get the printable for free! »

The magazine is for anyone who wants to start with snailmail, but wonders how everything works and where to start. But it's also fun for people who have been snailmailing for a while!"

so go check out all of Anke's cool sites!!!  send someone a note, a letter, a poem, a haiku...whatever you feel!
hope you enjoyed this instagram and etsy find!
:) Sarah

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