Friday, February 22, 2013

Red Stamp....My new favorite app!

My new favorite app is Red stamp  ! If you know me, you know I LOVE instagram and taking photos. Also if you know me you know i love collage and artsy fartsy things... Well, red stamp was made for me! You can collage your photos with the cutest and not-too-cutesy layouts! I've been using it along with Label box  a virtual use of washi tape on your photos!
Here's a sample of what I've made for an upcoming post on "how to get your art on":
The coolest thing too is that you can send an actual postcard!!!  You can send it via email or snail mail!  I sent this one to my mom via email:

and heres one i made just for fun:


I can't wait to order some actual postcards!  hope you have fun with these apps too!

 Both apps are availale in the app store, the versions I have are free but you can purchase packages to go along with it.
 Here are the links:
Red stamp app                    Label box

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