Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Personalize a Sketchbook

I LOVE my sketchbook...seriously, I do.  I may have a problem I love it so much.  I want you to love your sketchbook too....don't be afraid of it!  It's yours, it is the link to your creativity and your artistic growth.  It should be fun, not stressful like I used to think it was.

True story, I used to sweat and panic every time a professor would say that we would get graded on our sketchbook.  I had an image in my mind that it had to look like Picasso's or worse, like the guy sitting next to me who could sneeze a better sketchbook than I could draw.  BUT, as time and sketchbooks went on, I've come to love my sketchbook and am quite proud of them.

One thing you need to realize is, there are no rules, it's yours!  Put in it what you want!  and no one has to see it if you don't want them to!

The first step to loving it is making the cover fun and what you will want to look at and come back to.  So, i've put together a little tutorial on how to cover your sketchbook...hope you like it and hope it helps!

I had fun making this tutorial for you on picmonkey !  let me know how your sketchbook comes out!

happy art-ing!
:-) Sarah

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