Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you remember your very first friend?

I am very wealthy.  Not wealthy in terms of money, I am filthy rich when it comes to friends.  I consider myself unbelievably lucky to have the friends I do and always love making a brand new friend that seems like an old one.

A few weekends ago, my very first friend in the whole wide world, came to visit me with her daughter.  What a gift; our visit, our children, our friendship.  I love love love our visits as they are few and far between as we are two hours apart, (though it seems to be our crazy schedules rather than distance that limit our time together).  As much as I cherish our time together, it also makes me ever so sad as they are far too brief and then I must start missing her all over again.

Our children put on a show, just like we used to do as children!
We became friends at the age of three in nursery school.  At first, we were not neighbors but while we were learning our ABCs and how to share, her family moved into the house directly in front of my family.  And so our friendship was cemented and blossomed.  We were very different from the start...she preferring dresses, me my soccer shorts and tee shirts.  Her house was filled with three girls and a boy, mine swarmed with three boys teasing me, the only girl.  We went to different schools once we started kindergarten but that did not stop our footprints back and forth to each others houses.  Countless sleepovers, summers at the pool, day after day of dirty feet, shared dinners, tons of laughter and always a love of art and music...espcially our fav, U2.
I suppose everyone could go on and on about their childhood best friend.  I could continue and provide story after story of our adventures but I know they would not mean to you what they do to us.  This post is not about specific stories but about the love of a friend and the caring for a friendship that I cherish with an unmeasurable magnitude.

We have been friends now for 35 years.  We are godmothers to each others daughters.  We still share a love of music.  Our connection and love of art has matured and strengthened.  (check out her website:  Four Feathers Studio and her blog Four Feathers Studio Blog )
We also now share the joy and challenges of being mothers. 
I felt the need to write about my first friend...go tell one of your cherished friends how much they mean to you.