Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation Week

I've been on vacation this week...the word "vacation" often insinuates somewhere glamorous, warm, fun, adventurous...well, that's all well and good for some but for this working mom, vacation simply means lazy mornings.

I am unable to report all of our discoveries or unique outings for we did not do much...and I'm okay with that.  What we have done is NOT wake up to alarms, not rushed out of the house at 7 a.m., snuggled on the couch (a lot!), stayed in jammies until 10 a.m. and done some errands.  More "vacation excitement":  laundry, napping (for mom), t.v., playing soccer (for mom!), backyard games, shipping out a few etsy orders, a fun playground where we fed ducks and fish and of course, visiting with friends.

Becky and myself at our table
The week started with me doing a show for monster in the closet...i worked my toosh off getting ready for it...i had lots of products produced, made need packaging and put it all together, designed and ordered a new banner, made an awesome paper banner and stressed a bit (okay a lot) about it all.  And how did it turn out you ask?  well, poopy!  it was in the lobby of a theater so i figured, people who support the arts, people who want to spend money on the arts, perhaps grandkids needing gifts....well, i was right on with thinking about people buying for grandkids but not much else.  the average age of a theater goer on a sunday afternoon is 63...see i said average?!  the best parts though were, i was able to spend the entire day with my good friend Becky whom I rarely get to see and I am ready for the next show in May.  and i guess, two sales and exposure are better than none.  Here's to the glass being half full.

This vacation though has put me in the summer mindset and man am I ready for it!  I know though, as soon as I am back at work it is going to be hit the ground running as the end of the school year approaches.  April to June in a school is like the downwards ride of the roller coaster  after slowly climbing to the apex; fast, exciting, crazy, scary and thrilling!

I've also discovered this vacation how much I love "instagram".  I can't get enough of taking pics and altering them!  I could do this all day long and my poor kids have to keep still long enough for me to snap the pic!  if you don't have instagram, download it now!

here are some pics from our wild week:
warm weather means bathing suits and sprinkers!

forts are fun!

I think the ice cream truck is slightly evil though the kids would say different!


  1. My vacation week was much like yours with the exception that ONE of our family members had school.... No lazy PJ mornings for us. Buckle up, next week the roller coaster begins its wild descent!!!

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