Monday, February 20, 2012

I guess I "need" a project...

I've discovered this about myself...I like projects.  Long term projects.  Why it's taken me this long to figure out, well maybe that was a project in itself.  Some may call them obsessions, I'm partial to projects, it seems more productive and not so crazy, or odd, or weird.  (yes, i am all of those too and proud of it!).
As i was looking through my photos for this post, I came across various projects I've focused on:
I created this for my daughters room
Of course, there's my on-going project of
monster in the closet shirts

 I've loved making animals

I then decided I needed to make an alphabet:

Well, now I've decided that a children's book is in order.  I've been wanting to do this for a long time but didn't really have a concrete idea.  Then, one evening  I asked my son what his teddy bears name was, he replied, "Mr. Fly Jump."  We couldn't stop laughing.  I was trying to put it in my phone so I wouldn't forget it and I was using the voice to text feature.  It couldn't understand what I was saying and consistently messed up.  We thought these were just as funny and my idea was born...stay tuned for's a little preview of what I've been working on:

          so, if you're looking for me, this is what i'll be working on.  wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A fun orange wednesday treasury of some wicked cool etsy items!

I love orange, i really's one of my new favorite colors. though everyday my favorite color changes, i keep coming back to orange. i made this bright and cheery treasury of orangeness...i'm in a good mood today; probably because my three and half year old didn't wake me up 10 times in the middle of the night. so here's to sleep and to the color orange:
orange treasury!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shrink Plastic Tutorial

So with the amount of time I spend farting around on the computer and iPad, you'd think writing a blog post wouldn't be such a big deal. Ha! Somehow, it's always on my list.... A couple of weeks ago I shared my new love of Shrinky dinks and promised a tutorial to follow. Let me start off by saying I am no expert and welcome any and all advice! I simply want to share my discoveries and process and tools. So, here you go...if anyone is even listening or reading....
Penguin Magnet

 I've been using my linoleum blocks to print on the shrink plastic as well as drawing. The shrink plastic I've been using is the traditional Shrinky dinks that I purchased online as well as the kind from a.c.moore. The Shrinky dink brand is pre-sanded where as the other you must lightly sand with fine sand paper. It's easy enough, just go lightly in one direction on the whole piece then lightly in the other direction (vertically).
Waiting to go in the oven...

With the opaque and white type of shrink plastic you can write and stamp on the sanded side without having to worry about writing backwards. It will be one sided so you will not see the image on the opposite side when it is finished cooking.

Here's a quick tutorial:
I cut the shrink plastic and used a corner punch to round the corners so that they aren't sharp. 
if the stamp is bigger than the plastic, i place the plastic on top of the linoleum.

I've used the Zig marker here to add a simple border

I put the image (rough side up) on parchment paper

 and put in a preheated toaster over (350 degrees)
and watch it dance....and curl.... 
and twist....and shrink....
and wait until it's flat.
Take it out of the over carefully (DISCLAIMER:  use pot holders to grab the tray)
when i take it out of the over, i use a flat metal spatula to press it down to ensure it's flat.
before and after of print on opaque white shrink plastic
(If you want a hole in it, be sure to punch the hole before putting it in the oven)

 The transparent Shrinky dinks allow for you to print on both sides giving the finished product a three-d effect. You just must be sure to write on the smooth side so that it comes out readable (or write backwards on the rough side).
Mad Crafty Magnet

 I've found the versacraft type of ink pads to work best for me. Dye based inks bleed and were a pain in my butt. Sharpie markers and zig brand markers work fabulously on either side of the plastic.

You can also use colored pencils:

Regardless of materials, try not to get: 

It definitely takes practice!
and the possibilities are ties, pins, magnets, keychains etc...

Feel free to email me with questions and I will do my best to help!

Blank Journal Sketchbook with Rhino by monster in the closet on etsy - $8.50

It's no secret I love notebooks and's my latest!  I also LOVE Washi Tape!  (Yup, just as much as I LOVE shrinky dinks and Linoleum!)

Here is a moleskine journal with blank pages and a pocket in the back. It measures 8" X 5".

The Rhino print is one of my original linoleum carvings that has been hand printed directly on
to the cover. Black with white polka dot washi tape adorns the left side.

I also made this one using fun paper, linoleum and yes, shrink plastic!

I like this size especially for children, perfect to keep their sweet ideas and drawings.  It's also great for grown ups to jot down ideas, plans and sketches.

Hope you like my new creations!

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